Bluetooth® Smart Digital Scale and Fishing App

Available on Android and iOS Mobile Devices

You Catch It, You Weigh It, & The App Logs It! 
 Android app on Google Play
To connect your ConnectScale Bluetooth Digital Scale to the ConnectScale Fishing App make sure your Bluetooth settings is turned on your general mobile device settings.  Once you have downloaded the app to your mobile device, open the app and create a log in by entering your email and password or may use Facebook or Twitter accounts to register.  Go to the settings page and scroll down to Bluetooth section.  Turn on your ConnectScale device and tap the "MY DEVICE" section to search for your scale and the Scale and App will automatically connect.   
The ConnectScale Fishing App is part of the most innovative solution to weighing and tracking catch data from fishing trips ever created. The ConnectScale app is one part of our Bluetooth® enabled digital fishing scale and logging system. The scale and app use Bluetooth® linking technology to automatically record Weight, Air Temp, Date/Time, and GPS Location of all your catches. 
Featuring a simple and clean user interface the app allows you to easily capture key data of your catches and save them to a cloud database. View the Catch Log and Summary reports to review historical data on previous catches to help you remember the What, When, Where, and How. Want to brag to your fishing buddies? The app also allows you to share your catches on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter.  

You Catch It, You Weigh It, & The App Logs It! One benefit of our system is the scale and apps ability to automatic log data just by simply weighing the fish. If the app is running in the background you can keep you phone safe and dry and still log critical catch data. What happens when you update your phone, lose a phone, change providers, or simply forget your phone and want to borrow your buddies? Don’t worry, with our app, you will not have to ever worry about losing your catch data history thanks to our backend cloud database storage. All of your catch data will be available for you whenever you log into our app from any Android or iOS mobile device. 

Here are the Features of the ConnectScale Fishing App
Secure Log In with Email, Facebook, and/or Twitter.  
A Bluetooth connection identifier is located on the top right of all pages to indicate when your Mobile Device is paired with a Bluetooth® ConnectScale.

Add a photo or choose an existing photo from library. Current GPS Location at time of weighing will automatically be saved or you can upload previous catches and use the Longitude/Latitude coordinates or place a pin on the Location map to identify where you caught it. Enter Weight, Species, Length, Catch & Release info, Bait/Lure, Fishing Technique, Waterway, Air Temp, Water Temp, and a comment section if you would like to add additional details around bait/lure, retrieve, or any other notes you would like to track. With a simple easy to use interface, ConnectScale App makes it easy to keep a Journal of all your catch details. Save catch data to your My Catch Log page, then share with friends on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter. 

View all your catches on this simple, easy to use log Journal. Easily identify your catches by photo and GPS map location. Weight, Species, Length, Bait/Lure, Date, Time, and Waterway data is all shown over each catch image. Filter and sort options allow you to easily find your trophy catches.  

Review your catch data statistics by viewing total # of catches, average weight, and total weight with the ability to filter by Species, Bait/Lure, Fishing Technique, & Waterway. Time Series chart shows total number of catches by month. Pie charts show detailed analysis for # of Catches by Species, Bait/Lure, and Waterway. A summary map shows up to 1000 of your most recent catches identified by pin on a map.  
Use our Tournament culling feature to help you manage your catches when fishing in competitive tournaments.  Set the number of catches allowed in your "Live Well" and the ConnectScale app will tell you which catch to Keep and Tag, Cull, or Release.  Match to your existing tag system by choosing between color or numeric on the settings page. 

• User Profile – Change and manage your User Name, Password, and Sign-in Option.
• Privacy- Select your privacy setting so that your GPS Location is kept private from other users. Future updates will provide additional detailed user reports by location. By selecting to not share your GPS Location your secret spots will remain private. 
• Default Measures – Select default settings for weight (KG or LBS), Length (Inch or Centimeter), and Temperature (Fahrenheit or Celsius).
• Bluetooth Settings – Use this section to select if you would like to Automatically Log all catches and Pair your mobile device with ConnectScale Digital Fish Scale
• Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy – View the latest versions of our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.